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Experience our clinically proven therapy for musculoskeletal  healing at cellular levels for powerful tissue regeneration. Ultrasound therapy is useful for ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, bone, and cartilage. Decrease inflammation, stimulate blood flow, decrease pain, increase range of motion, and heal faster naturally.



Chemical reactions: vibrations that stimulate the tissue to increase the reactions and local chemical processes.

Biological responses: it promotes the increase of the membranes’ permeability, that accentuates the fluids and nutrient’s transference to the tissues and cells. This is important so the Phonophoresis happens.


Mechanical effects: they are micro-massages’ effects that increase the cellular metabolism, blood flow, and oxygen supplies.


Thermal effects: along with the micro-massage, a local temperature increase occur, resulting from the kinetics conversion in warmness by the tissues. This effect produces an increase in collagen extensibility. Therefore, it’s recommended for therapeutic treatments of pathologies caused by tendons contraction, ligaments and capsular joints, limiting certain movements.

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Reserve Now

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