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Cryotherapy, Cold Plunging, and Regenerative Medicine in Austin Texas

Updated: Aug 18, 2023

When Cryo Body Works started in 2013 as the first facility of its kind, cold therapy was still a wild concept to the vast majority of people. It was a confusing idea as to why on earth we would want to subject ourselves willing to uncomfortable fridged temperatures. It was something that would take time for people to find belief in because

it incites a natural aversion response to the idea of being cold. If it wasn't for the fact that on paper cryotherapy shines with miraculous benefits people would possibly never attempt to experience it. When people take the leap of faith to actually experience a session it suddenly makes sense as to how wonderful the reality of it can be. Suddenly people struggle to find any other therapy that can match the rapid inflammation reduction that is possible from cryotherapy and cold plunges with merely 3.5 minutes of exposure. Fast forward to 2023 and residents of Austin texas including Joe Rogan and other celebrities are steadfast in their belief that it is an essential part of their health regimen. Mainstream news such as CBS and USA Today are now fully embracing the facts of cold therapy as a natural alternative for effective pain and stress relief 1) 2).

Further benefits of cryotherapy and cold plunging are significant reduction in allergic responses which are a direct boost in general immune health. Here are some other outstanding benefits of cold therapy 3).

  • decrease inflammation

  • offer a huge rush of endorphins,

  • spike dopamine

  • improve sleep and mood

  • reduce stress

  • help remedy aches and pains

  • boost injury recovery

  • reduce swelling

  • potentially increase testosterone

  • promote lymphatic drainage

  • regulate hormones

  • accelerate metabolism

  • improved libido

When it comes to improved sleep we must give full credit for how powerful that can be as most of our body's healing occurs at that time. Leaders for longevity such as Bryan Johnson who spends $2 million annually on his health with a plethora of doctors, gold backed science, and extensive health marker measurement will tell you that for all the things he does, sleep is the most crucial part. "The difference between hope and despair is a good nights sleep" he says during his Piers Morgan interview on youtube 4).

Regenerative holistic wellness and medicine these days is all about understanding the body at a cellular level be that a focus on the mitochondria where ATP energy is generated or the function of mobilizing stem cells naturally so that it's possible to avoid the need for surgery or medication. Western traditional medicine absolutely serves a function but the outdated Newtonian physics model only accounts for a limited view of the human body and western medicine often only treats the symptoms not the source of conditions. This is where natural advanced technologies come in for the holistic approach for regenerative medicine.

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