At Cryo Body Works we genuinely enjoy helping you feel amazing and overcoming wellness challenges. We are not a chain of stores just to amass profits. We are a locally owned and operated high performance facility with people who truly care about sharing scientific knowledge and of holistic health.

Cryo body Works owner Caulen Lauria started Austin's first Approved facility for Cryotherapy in 2014. Caulen's inspiration came after working with and being exposed to world champion athletes ranging from Formula 1, Olympic athletes, wakeboarders, and more. Caulen is originally from northern California near Lake Tahoe. He graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a business and marketing degree and an emphasis in high performance engineering.


His collegiate career included sprinting for track & field, formula & motorcycle road racing, as well as student government. After working in numerous technology and natural health startups as well as Fiji Water / Pom Wonderful, Caulen curtailed his racing background to work closely for management and training in high profile athletics as well as other athletes based out of the Austin area.


Caulen's background in athletic health and his network of medical professionals brought forward the vision for creating a one of a kind total body recovery facility that was capable of offering the best athletes on the planet and everyday people the most effective technology practices for natural healing and preventative health.


Caulen uses these technologies and leading Cryo Body Works methods for helping others as well as maintaining his competitive lifestyle including racing, skydiving / wingsuit flying, wakeboarding, snowboarding, running, mountain biking, partner dancing, jujitsu, yoga and more. Other passions of Caulen include physics, biochemistry, meditation, aviation, history, astronomy, practicing intuitive clairvoyance and chi energy. Caulen's record for breath holding inside the hyperbaric chamber is 6 minutes 30 seconds. You can watch Caulen race at Circuit of the Americas here.

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