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Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is another safe and natural cellular regenerative therapy commonly used among professional athletes and everyday people for treating deep musculoskeletal injuries as well as a wide variety of conditions anywhere on the body. 
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PEMF treatments at Cryo Body Works are generally 30 minutes in duration using a powerful clinical grade system while laying on a mat or using a coil. Home use PEMF systems like the Beamer or Ampcoil offer good general benefits however our clinical grade system will provide vastly superior effects. In our facility a fully adjustable gentle pulse is experienced in the treatment area which stimulates cellular equilibrium / recharge, and greater circulation. Each pulse creates micro-tears at weak points at cellular levels which stimulate natural healing and strengthening. The resulting effects are immediate measurable antioxidant effects, faster healing, decreased inflammation, pain relief, greater range of motion, and more. PEMF has a profound effect for strengthening the kinetic memory chain activation for the musculoskeletal system giving tremendous benefit for acute or serious range of motion conditions. Cryo Body Works uses specific techniques and protocols to compliment each condition treatment customized for your maximum recovery. PEMF originated from the scientific research achieved by renown physicists Michael Faraday, Nikola Tesla, as well as James Maxwell. The human body has roughly 40-100 trillion cells that use electromagnetic energy for regulating cellular function including ATP energy and DNA production. PEMF helps normalize cell membrane equilibrium by balancing the charge on the inside and the outside of the cell wall which promotes higher oxygen and nutrient absorption, ultimately resulting in more efficient ATP & DNA production. PEMF can have positive effects for overall immune health and total body wellbeing and in some cases avoiding the need for surgery. PEMF transcranial stimulation has also been widely studied for its positive effects on anxiety and depression.

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Cellular healing designed for ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, bone, cartilage, skin, traumatic brain injuries, bulging & herniated discs, central nervous system, thyroid rebalancing, immune support, heightened athletic performance, acute & serious long term injuries, and more. Be sure to read our reviews to learn more about powerful client success stories involving PEMF in Austin. Watch Dr. Oz HERE. More videos HERE and HERE.

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