Infrared Laser Therapy

Experience the proven and powerful recovery potential of Infrared Laser Therapy. This safe non-invasive therapy harnesses the power of light energy to accelerate cellular healing and provide pain relief to nearly all areas of the human body for acute & serious conditions.
Infrared Laser Therapy


If you think you've experienced Laser Therapy, think again. Cryo Body Works Cryotherapy Austin is committed to providing you the most effective technology for recovery. This innovative therapy, founded on scientific evidence gathered over the last 30 years, has been proven in many situations to help avoid pharmaceuticals and invasive surgeries. Our specific laser and treatment protocols is also the reason health professionals all around Austin come to us for results. Our system is powerful enough that in most cases there is significant measurable range of motion increase and pain relief after a 10 minute treatment. Full effects for healing may take up to 3 days after a treatment. During a session you will experience a mild soothing warmth as our 980 Nm laser targets damaged or depressed cells, recharges them greater ATP energy production, increases circulation, decreases inflammation, and allows your body to heal itself more effectively. Read our customer reviews here.

Cellular healing designed for ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves, bone, cartilage, skin, traumatic brain injuries, bulging & herniated discs, and more. Be sure to read our reviews to learn more about powerful client success stories involving Infrared Laser Therapy. Watch a video about our laser therapy and Laser Facials here.


Reduce scar tissue and promote collagen 

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