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Utilize state of the art natural technology to detoxify your entire body for optimized uninhibited cellular function and immunity. We've developed comprehensive detox treatment programs customized for your specific needs and have proven data to alleviate and improve stubborn conditions. From oxygen therapy, infrared light therapy, cold and heat exposure, electromagnetic field therapy, and more, we can help you in powerfully effective ways.
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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is now available in Austin Texas. It was originally developed in 1834 to treat pulmonary and circulatory conditions. Today Low Pressure HBOT it is widely used to treat a variety of health problems including preventative maintenance for total body well-being. HBOT is exposure to a high oxygen high pressure atmosphere for the benefit of increased oxygen absorption. Sessions for HBOT start at 60 minutes inside the chamber and can last as long as 3 hours. Increased oxygen absorption takes place by breathing as well as through the body’s skin to areas that normally would not get the benefit of oxygen exposure. Apart from accelerated healing, HBOT can serve tremendously well as an anti-aging treatment with consistency of use. Detoxification, brain health, and immune strengthening are also powerful benefits of HBOT. Ask our specialists about our success stories and how HBOT can help you with a free consultation. Requires a medical prescription by our Medical Director. 


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Whole Body Cryotherapy is an amazing and natural way to achieve a variety of health benefits simply through the exposure of cold temperatures. Whether you are an athlete or anyone seeking better general health, we invite you to come and experience for yourself this unique treatment that provides relief, recovery, detox, enhanced performance, and much more. Cryotherapy was developed in 1978 and is now used across the globe by those young and old, including celebrities and many professional athletes around the world.

Our walk-in cryosauna works by using cold vapor to expose your body to temperatures of negative 220˚F for three minutes or less. The outer layers of the skin drop to approximately 50˚F and the immediate effect stimulates the release of endorphins, the production of anti-inflammatory proteins, and even detoxify your body with nutrient rich blood flowAs your body is exposed to the cold it reacts by undergoing vasoconstriction and centralizing blood around visceral organs. This oxygenates the blood as it becomes nutritionally rich and resupplies the body providing a boost of energy and healing properties.


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The use of hot saunas goes back to ancient times including the use of chromotherapy / color to help heal the body and fight disease. By using infrared heat instead of conventional heat the human body is able to absorb and use infrared energy to produce ATP cellular energy resulting in more efficient DNA production, detoxification, stimulating incredible healing and faster recovery. Each session will also burn approximately 500 calories producing an excellent metabolic affect for weight loss. Chromotherapy exposes the body to 7 different colors that are scientifically shown to help fight disease, influence well-being the human body’s 7 energy vortexes and thereby harmonizing well-being.



Regenerative Cellular + Anti Inflammatory Bloodflow Therapy

PEMF treatments at Cryo Body Works are generally 30 minutes in duration using a powerful clinical grade system while laying on a mat or using a coil. In our facility a fully adjustable gentle pulse is experienced in the treatment area which stimulates cellular equilibrium / recharge, and greater circulation. Each pulse creates efficiency for bloodflow at weak points in our circulatory system which stimulate natural healing and strengthening. The resulting effects are faster healing, decreased inflammation, pain relief, greater range of motion, and more. PEMF has a profound effect for strengthening the kinetic memory chain activation for general physiology. Cryo Body Works uses specific techniques and protocols to compliment each condition treatment customized for your maximum recovery. The human body has roughly 40-100 trillion cells that use electromagnetic energy for regulating cellular function including ATP energy and DNA production. PEMF helps normalize cell membrane equilibrium by balancing the charge on the inside and the outside of the cell wall which promotes higher oxygen and nutrient absorption, ultimately resulting in more efficient ATP & DNA production. PEMF can have positive effects for overall immune health and total body wellbeing and in some cases avoiding the need for surgery or pharmaceuticals.


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Red light therapy involves the delivery of low-light red wavelengths into the skin, causing a strengthening of cell mitochondria. This promotes numerous regenerative processes in the body including the stimulation of tissue recovery, wound healing, the diminishing of scars, improved joint health, an increase in the production of collagen, and a decrease in visible wrinkles, to name just a few. Red-light therapy, which was originally used to encourage photosynthesis and growth in plants on space shuttles used by NASA, and is known by several names including cold laser therapy, bio stimulation, photo biomodulation, light box therapy, etc. Since then, its usefulness for humans has been explored and is fast becoming a must have holistic heath treatment.


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Vitamin B-12 injections are an excellent choice for those in need of peak energy, mental focus, and stamina. Most people experience these benefits for up to 4 to 6 days after receiving an injection and sometimes longer. Eliminating fatigue is often one of the most noticeable benefits. B12 stimulates the efficient metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in your body which provides more energy. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is found in a variety of foods. B12 helps maintain healthy nerve cells and red blood cells and is also needed to make DNA. Cryo Body Works offers premium methylcobalamin B12 shots which offers a more naturally occurring and faster metabolizing compounded formula. This is typically a higher strength / smaller dose injection that most will notice more benefit from in the form of energy, focus, sleep, digestion, and overall wellbeing. Our B12 injections have a strength of 12000 mcg/ml and are given in 0.5 ML dose. Read our yelp reviews here.



Glutathione is a marvelous and powerful immune boosting antioxidant that prevents cellular damage from free radicals and much more. Glutathione is found naturally in plants, fungi, archaea, bacteria. Our bodies store it in our liver simultaneously helping liver function. Glutathione is a master compound for detoxification and preventing cellular damage from free radicals and other reactive oxygen species. Glutathione is an Anti-Aging and mitochondrial necessity! It also helps you maintain Vitamin C and E levels. A major reason to get Glutathione injections is because it is highly effective for gut health and digestion for optimal nutrient absorption but only when injected. The reason is that absorbing Glutathione orally through digestion loses far too much bio availability and turns the the compound into an unfavorable form.



Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide NAD+ is a Harvard and Stanford studied co-enzyme supporting our longevity regulators of DNA known as telomeres. NAD+ is the precursor in supporting this function which translates into powerful DNA protection and science backed health benefits. In the space of Epigenetics in the last seven years, peer reviewed science now shows us that every tissue in our body can regenerate through stem cells. From brain, heart, lung, pancreatic, and more, ensuring that we are supporting our DNA and stem cell function becomes one of the keys to longevity. NAD is one of the answers to this process by extending telomeres by up to 1,000 nucleotides!


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