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What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Used For?

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Healing in a white oxygen chamber for a spa day on the planet of Arrakis like Paul Atreides from the movie, Dune, isn’t something you only see on the screen anymore, it’s real, and the idea of using one of these real-life chambers is slowly becoming a mainstream trend. No, off-world day spas aren’t available yet, what I’m talking about is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT), and it’s not a just a natural healing luxury only to be experienced by professional athletes and the upper-class civilizations of our world anymore. These therapy chambers are popping up all over the world in private health centers, spa retreats, and private doctor’s offices where anyone can have access to them if they know where to find them. But since most people have never even heard of the concept of HBOT, the best way to start your own hyperbaric journey is by understanding what it is, why it is being used for enhanced recovery, how much it costs, and why you might want to try out this futuristic time-travel capsule. (Kidding! You can’t time travel in one of these…yet).

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Originally, HBOT was utilized in extreme patient cases of radiation and carbon monoxide poisoning, even burn victim recovery; where the need to have concentrated exposure to an oxygen-rich environment was necessary to speed up recovery for use in hospitals and trauma recovery centers. The scientifically-proven realization that being submerged in an air-tight oxygen chamber for a period of time would help speed up cell-regeneration turnover of major organs, joints, bones, areas of a trauma site, (and skin in general), caught on within the professional athletic community and grew in popularity. HBOT as a performance recovery solution outside of its normal treatment use within athletic circles was nothing new however, and one therapy session could cost you hundreds to even thousands of dollars for an invigorating 60 minutes in a chamber. The advanced therapy treatment was kept in the dark along with all the other ‘Star-Trek’ like body recovery options from the rest of the non-professional athletic community for quite some time; however, thanks to private business chamber owners offering this healing modality commercially, the secret is out and thankfully, we aren’t being kept in the dark anymore.

Does Hyperbaric Treatment Work?

Now that you understand what HBOT is (sort of), and how much it may cost you, what about why you should try it out? Well, medical research over decades of history have proven that injury and illness healing cannot take place without suitable oxygen saturation in the cellular and tissue levels of the body. What does that mean? Simply, without enough oxygen circulating in the blood your cells cannot thrive, and when you have poor blood circulation, like diabetics often suffer from, your injury recovery time is lengthened; sometimes taking weeks to a few months for full healing to occur.

Even when you don’t suffer from circulatory problems, injuries will heal at their own pace based on your body chemistry, diet, and immune system. So, what if you want or need to heal from an injury faster and more efficiently? You guessed it! You must create an oxygen-rich environment for faster healing to take place, and that is exactly what hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers do. They condense the space around the body to within a foot or so, and pump pure oxygen into that space and all you have to do is lay there and relax while the chamber does all the work. People often fall asleep in HBOT capsules because of the feel-good hormones that the chamber helps produce within the body!

If you are suffering from any of these major symptoms or illnesses, HBOT might be your new favorite natural healing option: Circulatory problems, Non-healing wounds; Diabetes, Stroke after-care, Cerebral Palsy, Head and brain injuries, Anemia.

Besides this what is hyperbaric oxygen therapy commonly used for you might ask?

Autism, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Lyme Disease, Detoxification, Immune system support, Bone and Cartilage recovery support, Skin and beauty; anti-aging, Accelerated cellular healing of any kind, Bruising, Headaches, Pre or Post-workout recovery, Pre or Post-cryotherapy recovery, and enhancement of other therapy treatments

How Much Does Hyperbaric Treatment Cost?

Now a days, an average Google user search for ‘hyperbaric oxygen therapy’ can produce many results for facilities and wellness centers nearby you that already paid the hefty price for one of these chambers for consumer purposes (upwards of $17,000!) , with lower therapy session costs for (a win for us, the everyday couch-athlete or gym shark). The average cost of a one-time Low-Pressure HBOT session in a private health and wellness center ranges between $100 and $350, and some facilities will even let you use an HSA or Health Savings Account to pay for your therapy, making this high-tech treatment affordable and widely available. What a great time to get into natural healing, right?

How Often Should You Use a Hyperbaric Chamber?

Bottom line, the best results you will see from using HBOT is with consistent routine use over time (as is with every dedicated health recovery plan), so find a facility that offers a low-cost multi-session package to start with in order to keep your therapy goals within your means. A good price for Low-Pressure HBOT is around $100 to get the best bang for your ‘Arrakis’ buck (insert Dune Movie joke here).

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Here at Cryo Body Works, we wish you the best of luck on your natural healing journey!


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