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Do B12 Shots Really Work?

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

By Caulen Lauria, Owner of Cryo Body Works

The short answer is yes, and it is a verified scientific fact!

This is especially true if you want to age well, and who in doesn’t want that? You should, however, take a closer look at exactly how you are getting necessary weekly levels of B12 in your diet or through supplementation. While there are good sources of B12 that are not derived from animals, it should be known that inter-muscular shots (not oral supplements) can be more advantageous for bio-availability of B12 vitamins and we will explain that further along in this blog.

How Does B12 Work?

Many people don’t fully understand how B12 Vitamins actually work, and we’re not surprised because it can be rather complex! So we’ll bring a lot more clarity to the subject. A simple rule of thumb is that B12 vitamins are required for efficient metabolism of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for usable energy in your body. It is also required for the production of red blood cells and DNA. It is important to fuel up with at least 3 mcg of B12 vitamins daily. Although certain food sources can be high in B12 vitamins, actual absorption levels can vary significantly. A notable example of absorption problems is that under healthy conditions only about 10 mcg of a 500 mcg oral supplement is absorbed (National Institute of Health). As you can see bioavailability becomes a significant concern. Over consuming B12 is better than not having enough, although it’s best to be efficient with how much you actually need.

How Often Should You Take B12 Shots?

No evidence exists for adverse effects of overdosing with B12 vitamins although your body will not handle anything more than 5000 micrograms of B12 per week. For this reason, at Cryo Body Works here in Austin we are required to restrict your frequency to one every 7-10 days, although our dose is sufficient for an entire month. In case you do dose more than you need your body will safely and easily process excess B12 through your liver and will eventually be passed through during urination, basically you will pee out excess B12 that you don't need. Fun Fact: Interestingly, your liver stores several years worth of B12.

What Does a B12 Shot do For You?

The basis for experiencing benefits from B12 vitamin shots is dependent on your current B12 vitamin levels or deficiency. Signs of B12 deficiency can be indicated by energy levels, heart and nervous system function or damage, pale skin, anemia, digestion problems, muscle weakness, cognitive function (including depression), vision impairment, shortness of breath, and more. The list is significant enough to make B12 vitamins a priority in your life, that’s for sure, especially when you eat a vegan diet since there are fewer sources of the vitamin available through food choices. Regardless of your diet, however, Tufts University reports that forty percent of Americans are deficient in B12, and the USDA has stated there may be more widespread marginal deficiencies than previously thought. Inflammation related digestion issues will also decrease B12 absorption as well. Just being alive will cause you to deplete B12, so, you can imagine that any of your bad habits or even basic auto-immune disorders will run you dry faster. This is routine B12 injection can help your body tremendously!

Good to Know...

So, how are B12 vitamins made as a supplemental shot (injection) you might ask? Well, they are created using the essential mineral cobalt to culture good bacteria that produces the B12 vitamin.

How animals get B12

The reason diets containing meat contain B12 is because B12 is created with bacteria in the gut of ruminant animals like cows and sheep. Another fun fact: many animals obtain their B12 by eating the bacteria in feces (gross, don’t get any ideas!).

The last thing we recommend getting familiar with is how your body actually absorbs B12. Or, more importantly, how your body methylates. This is a process regulating the activity associated with DNA production, cardiovascular function, neurotransmitter production, detoxification, ocular function, histamine / fat / estrogen metabolism, as well as mitochondrial and liver function. This is accomplished through a biochemical process as a transfer of four atoms, that being one carbon and three hydrogen (CH3) from one substance to the other (Thorne). Some genetics have higher absorption of B12 in its other forms, such as cyanocobalamin or hydroxocobalamin. If you have been tested for these genetic tendencies let us know and you can request your preference.

While there are many places here in Austin Texas to get B12 vitamin shots, it is our promise to deliver you the healthiest, most potent, and cost-effective option. Our typical B12 vitamin dose per shot is 0.5mcg/ml containing a total of 2500 micrograms of premium methylcobalamin B12. We offer walk-in availability at 3501 Hyridge Drive, Austin Texas 78759.

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